Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January’s Birthstone: Gallant Garnet

Scientific Information: Garnet is formed in metamorphic rocks in incredibly high temperatures, usually in a near geometric formation. Garnet has a variety of lights within but the deep red color is the most prominent so that is how it appears to us.

Revealed by Man: Garnet was first found in Ancient Egypt and was worn by pharaohs as a symbol of their strength and regality and bravery. In Ancient Rome, Garnet was a highly traded gem. Garnet was used to cut and sand other gemstones that are not quite as strong. Today, Garnet can be found South America, India, Thailand, China, South Africa, and Madagascar.

Legend and Lore: Garnet promotes business and success. If you place a few Garnets where you tend to work most, you will receive positive outcomes that will benefit you and your work. It is said that Garnet is a confidence booster and brings you contentment.

Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
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