Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Springtime At Touchstone!

Springtime at Touchstone

Welcome to spring! Touchstone is currently offering a wide variety of gorgeous jewelry and home décor pieces that will bring spring colors into your outfits and spaces. With gems such as Topaz, Aquamarine, and Fluorite, Touchstone is offering all the colors of the rainbow!

The two pictures above are pieces that include enchanting Topaz. These pieces showcase some really special and beautiful color combinations. Topaz can be found in a wide variety of colors such as dark blue, orange, white, and mystic topaz (a collage of colors). Touchstone currently has a wide variety of Topaz jewelry and home décor available (including the pieces pictured above).

Featured above is an alluring aquamarine bracelet. Below it, is a gorgeous sample of fluorite. Both of these amazing pieces are available currently at Touchstone. Be sure to take a look at our wide variety of colorful pieces, just in time for spring!

Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
We invite you to view our current offerings of many fascinating natural art pieces in our Touchstone Galleries in Santa Fe (127 W. San Francisco St.), Sedona (320 N. State Route 89A) and Taos (110 S. Plaza), or online at www.touchstonegalleries.com.