Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Banded Onyx
About Banded Onyx: Banded Onyx is the result of the slow precipitation of calcite crystals. Iron in the oxidized state gives it a red color, while iron in the reduced state gives it a green color. Onyx is also a member of the carbonate group of minerals. Often times, a solid chunk of stone is hand-turned on a lathe to produce fine bowls, plates, vases and other objects.

Legend and Lore: Banded Onyx is known to have very powerful healing properties. It is said to bring people balance, self-confidence, and focus. Onyx has been used throughout many generations as carving stones in Ancient Greece, and stone inlays and tiles in ancient Rome.

Banded Onyx at Touchstone: Onyx can be found worldwide, but the variety captured above comes from South Asia. The deep, natural colors are the perfect enhancement to every area!
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