Tuesday, May 16, 2017

June's Birthstone! Moonstone and Pearl.

Pearls In Jewelry- Pearls are an essential to every jewelry lover’s collection. They come in a variety of vibrant colors such as, pink, brown and black, as well as white and cream. As June’s beautiful birthstone, these mineral gemstones make perfect gifts for people that are born in the summer month.

The pearl’s common off-white color pairs wonderfully with other gemstones such as Amethyst, and White Topaz.
Legend and Lore- Pearls have been a sign of wealth since 2300 B.C. People in China used to believe that pearls would protect them from dragons, and were used as such. Pearls are also commonly used in the same healing way as crystals; as spiritual tokens and to assist in calming and centering.
Science of Pearl Formation- Pearls are the only gemstone that is made by a living organism! A pearl is formed when a piece of sand makes its way into a mollusk, oyster, or mussel. Over time, several layers of nacre, a shiny mucus like substance, form around the grain of sand. This process can take up to seven or eight years, but the result is beautiful.
Revealed By Man- Pearls are discovered by people called “pearl divers”. Most pearl divers work and operate in Japan.  Pearls are found all over the world in places such as Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, Germany, and the USA. They are also found in regions of Mexico, Europe, and Australia.

Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
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