Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mardi Gras at Touchstone Gallery

Mardi Gras is coming up soon- February 28th!
Here at Touchstone Gallery, we love to celebrate the fun traditions of Mardi Gras. 

A fascinating story resides within the making of the King Cake:

The King Cake story originates from the Christian religious holiday Epiphany, which is when the Three Wise Men discovered the Christ Child. The cake is an oval coffee cake, that traditionally has a special gift baked inside. Depending on where you celebrate in the world, the gift is different things. In Latin cultures, a bean or a pea is baked into the cake. In European cultures, a coin or a plastic baby is found (but not baked) in the King's Cake. The cake is decorated in Mardi Gras colors: green, gold, and purple. Purple represents justice, gold represents power, and green stands for faith. Whoever gets the gift in their King's Cake is blessed through the new year with prosperity and happiness. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

New Arrival: Fordite!

"In the world of jewelry designs nothing goes to waste they just keep getting more creative",
words of SMHW.

Fordite, also known as Motor Agate, have amazing "psychedelic" designs! Fordite is a by-product made by using the many collected layers of baked automotive enamel slag (rough) that was removed from factories. The over spray in the painting bays slowly built up on the tracks and skids that the car frames were painted on. Each layer was hardened in the ovens that the car bodies went into to cure the paint. Some pieces have been baked 100 times!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February's Birthstone: Alluring Amethyst

Amethyst in Jewelry and Home Décor:
            Amethyst is a beautiful, purple gem that is commonly used ornamentally in jewelry and is designed into home décor pieces. Touchstone gallery has many pieces of amethyst to offer, ranging from delightful, elegant jewelry pieces to small mineral clusters to large spectacular home décor pieces! Touchstone Gallery invites you to see how our amethyst cathedrals and stunning amethyst jewelry will fit into your life!
Scientific Information:
            Amethyst is most prevalent as small stubby pyramidal crystals, although several localities such as the Mexican occurrences are well-known for producing elegantly tall prismatic crystals, which are very highly regarded by collectors. Amethyst also forms the internal lining of geodes, some of which can be over 10 feet tall and weighing several tons!

Revealed by Man:
           The gemstone was first discovered in Europe circa 3000 BC., where many different superstitious beliefs formed. The ancient Greeks believed it to be able to ward off intoxication, which transferred the Greek word “amethystos”, which means “not drunken”, to amethyst. Amethyst was as expensive as ruby and emerald until the 19th Century, when Brazil’s large deposits were discovered.
Legend and Lore:
            The patron of romantic love, St. Valentine, wore an amethyst ring carved with the image of Cupid. Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for the month as February as well as one of the emblems of the twelve apostles. Amethyst was also reputed to control evil thoughts, increase intelligence and render men shrewd in business matters. For travelers it was worn as a protection from treachery and surprise attacks, kept soldiers from harm and gave them victory over their enemies. It lent assistance to hunters in the capture of wild beasts and fowl, and was considered to be a powerful psychic stone of protection against witchcraft and black magic. Like other royal stones it protected its wearer from disease and contagion.