Thursday, September 22, 2016

Inlaid Megalodon Teeth

We are very excited to announce our new arrivals of framed, inlaid megalodon teeth. The new treasures are exquisite megalodon teeth inlaid with striking gemstones. Two of the teeth display the green-blue colors of chrysocolla, and another tooth is dark blue sodalite. The amazing feature, alongside these dazzling fossils, are the handmade shadowboxes that are encompassing the teeth. Uniquely displayed, you are able to open the box and take out your natural wonder to show your megalodon tooth off.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Luxurious Onyx Mirrors

We invite you to visit our Sedona gallery to see the stylish and functional onyx mirrors! No matter what room they’re placed in, you’re guaranteed an added level of sophistication and beauty. A Touchstone Gallery onyx mirror is perfect for any room where you may bring the outside in as a customer has demonstrated in their lake house. It will also be a brilliant contrast for a wall in an office or in large rooms. The photo on the left is how customers in Northern Michigan displayed it elegantly over their dining room table where they gather and enjoy the view. How would you use this mirror in your home? Would you use it to start your day? Weather you get the orange cream or brown cream color, the mirror will easily harmonize with your space. The two sizes are 24 ½ inches and 26 ½ inches. What room would these mirrors fit best in your house or office? Where would they live to impress?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Curious Metal: Copper

Copper in Jewelry and Home Décor:
                If copper is in a polished form, you can accent a dark-colored desk or table with the shimmery luster. Touchstone Gallery just received these beautiful copper pendants with gems inlayed in raw copper. The natural dents and ripples the copper displays are simply stunning thanks to the cooling process. Wherever copper is placed, it electrifies its surroundings by its warming aesthetics. Copper jewelry will bring enduring beauty to those who wear it, and give a robust attitude to any room when used as a piece in décor, as in our Kohler lamps.
Legend and Lore:
                Copper is one of the oldest minerals we know of, dating back to 9000 B.C. The word “copper” is derived from the Greek word “kypros”, which was the location of the copper mine on the island of Cyprus. The Greek Gods were said to be correlated with different metals of distinction. The Greek goddess Venus represented copper in mythology. She was associated with copper because of the lustrous beauty copper held. Cyprus was a sacred location to the goddess according to mythology, making copper all the more special. Even within the Native American culture, copper plays an important role as well. At the time, extraction was a very difficult process, but they valued the wealth it was said to bring and went through the excruciating process by building a fire upon the deposits then suddenly extinguishing the flame to create small cracks in the rock. After this process was repeated a few times, they could use their tools to remove the deposits!
Information on Copper:
                The formation of copper occurs after the solidification of molten rocks. Molten rock naturally contains copper, so when it is melting the content of copper becomes concentrated. The molten rock begins to cool and solidify and the copper still remains as a concentrated liquid. Once the rock is almost solid, it begins to shrink and crack. When the rock cracks, the copper begins to fill the cracks and spaces and finally the copper solidifies. Copper deposits are then formed and you can start the extraction!
Revealed by man:
                Native copper is said to be used in some of the oldest civilizations on record. Geologists estimate it was discovered at around 9000 BC (The Copper Age) in the Middle East. The deposits in Michigan are the biggest native copper deposits in the world and have been copper producers for hundreds of years. There are even large mines in our home states of Arizona and New Mexico. Arizona has produced 90 billion pounds of copper in its history, making Arizona the leader in copper production since 1910!
Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
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