Thursday, February 27, 2014

Did You Know?

The wooly rhino is an extinct species of rhinoceros that lived during the last glacial period. Adult wooly rhinos were about 10 feet long and weighed from 6,000 to 7,000 pounds! The purpose of the horn of the woolly rhino is twofold: first, to attract mates and second, to defend the creature. This woolly rhino skull is one of the largest ever found. Seeing it is person will leave you speechless. Stop by our Scottsdale gallery to see this big guy up close. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Get to Know Your Gallery- Taos

Welcome to Touchstone Gallery of Taos, where nature’s art is etched in stone. Located directly on the Taos Plaza, our Taos gallery brings beautiful minerals, fossils, jewelry, and home décor to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and surrounding areas. Taos’s gallery is home to many precious items; including a Jeannie Peacock Marble Vase that is part of the Touchstone Gallery signature collection.  The next time you are in this historical town, make sure to stop by our gallery, a 190 year old adobe building, complete with massive timber vigas on the ceiling.

Taos is believed to mean place of red willows when translated from the native Tiwa language. The Taos pueblo has been occupied for nearly a millennium! It is considered to be the oldest continuously occupied community in the United States. Taos was colonized by the Spanish in 1615, making it a town full of culture and history. Artists began to come to Taos in 1899, creating the Taos Art Colony and making Taos what is today. Taos is also well known for its ski resort, with its 110 trails and elevation of 9,207 feet. Taos receives 300+ days of sunshine a year, making it a very desirable vacation destination.

Touchstone Gallery of Taos is walking distance from the convention center, making it a fun and convenient place to shop for gorgeous, natural treasures. Taos’s major contemporary art market is the perfect home for Touchstone Gallery, having over 3,000 unique pieces on display for your enjoyment. Touchstone Gallery of Taos is the perfect place to discover the beauty that lies in natural art. If vibrant minerals or interesting fossils catch your eye, make sure to stop by our gallery the next time you visit Taos. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

February Birthstone: Ageless Amethyst

Amethyst in Jewelry- Amethyst is one of the most popular stones for jewelry pieces. Touchstone Gallery offers a wide variety of amethyst jewelry, perfect for February babies and purple lovers alike. A popular variety of amethyst Touchstone Galleries offers is cacoxenite amethyst, which has inclusions of quartz, strengite, beraunite, rockbridgeite, and limonite. Touchstone Gallery also offers beautiful green amethyst.

 Amethyst in Décor- Amethyst geodes make stunning additions to any décor setting. Large geodes can be used as a table with a glass cover. Smaller geodes look pleasing as an accent item. Touchstone Galleries offers many different amethyst pieces, from jewelry to geodes, one is sure to fit your liking. The pleasant purple color of purple makes it a bright and colorful décor addition. All ways of displaying amethyst are truly amazing; this vibrant gem is truly one of a kind.

Legend and Lore- Amethyst represents the sixth wedding anniversary in addition to being the birthstone for February. Amethyst was valued very highly by ancient civilizations, usually thought superior to rubies and sapphires. During the renaissance period, amethyst stood for modesty and humility. Amethyst has been used to represent royalty by many monarchs and kingdoms throughout history; you can even find amethyst on the British Crown Jewels.

Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
We invite you to view our current offerings of amethyst and many other fascinating natural art pieces in our Touchstone Galleries in Santa Fe (127 W. San Francisco St.), Scottsdale (4168 N. Marshall Way), Sedona (320 N. State Route 89A) and Taos (110 S. Plaza), or online at