Monday, January 27, 2014

Notogoneus – Nocturnal Décor Addition

Decor Factors and Suggestions – Notogoneus are super interesting fish fossils, but also make a fascinating décor displays. These fossils are easy to work into any décor setting due to their natural and earthy colors. These fish are so well preserved, you can practically count the number of bones it had! These fossils are definitely statement pieces. They are sure to impress all those who view them.

Notogoneus’s long and slender bodies belong in your home or office. These intriguing fish fossils would look well hanging and framed or displayed on a stand. These pieces are definitely conversation pieces. Discuss the qualities of notogoneus with your guests or clients over a warm cup of coffee or a tasty glass of wine.
Home Décor Featuring a Fascinating Story
Legend and Lore – Notogoneus is an extinct genus of fish. Notogoneus was a nocturnal fish. This ancient fish fed on crustaceans. Modern day relatives of notogoneus burrow in sand and mud during the day and feed at night. Notogoneus does not have big head bones; instead it has many small bones. This makes their heads look practically squished or crushed. Most notogoneus were larger than ten inches, but large ones can measure up to twenty six inches in length! Notogoneus is considered a bony fish, meaning it has more bones than cartilage.
The Science of Notogoneus – These fossils fish were found in the Green River Formation. More specifically, these fossils were found in Fossil Lake, one of the many lakes in the Green River Formation. The conditions in Fossil Lake were perfect for fossil preservation. Many fossils from this lake have excellent detail and deep colors, showing the quality of these fossils.
Revealed by Man – There is a very intricate process in order to prepare these fossils for sale. First, the many layers of rock are chipped away. Once a fossil is revealed, it is carefully removed from the rest of the sediment. Next, the fossil is cleaned so that all of the cool details can be seen. Then, the fossil is stabilized by having a protective clear coat painted on the top. Finally, the fossil is ready for customers at Touchstone Gallery to enjoy!
Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
We invite you to view our current offerings of notogoneus fish fossils and many other fascinating natural art pieces in our Touchstone Galleries in Santa Fe (127 W. San Francisco St.), Scottsdale (4168 N. Marshall Way), Sedona (320 N. State Route 89A) and Taos (110 S. Plaza), or online at 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Get To Know Your Gallery- Santa Fe

Welcome to the Touchstone Gallery of Santa Fe, where nature’s art is etched in stone. Located just one block away from the Santa Fe Plaza, our Santa Fe gallery is centrally located in Northern New Mexico, bringing to the Land of Enchantment minerals, fossils, home décor, and jewelry from all around the world. Our Santa Fe Gallery is home to many of our signature items, including a beautiful amethyst geode table and a dazzling apophyllite mineral specimen. Whether you are on vacation or just made a day trip up to the state capital, Touchstone Gallery of Santa Fe is sure to have the perfect item to help you remember your visit fondly. 

Santa Fe is a city full of wonder and delight. Being the oldest state capital in the nation, 407 years old, Santa Fe brings an old-fashioned yet modern feeling. Rich with culture, Santa Fe brings together Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and American traditions. The name sake of the Santa Fe Trail, the city represents the southwest very accurately. The warm, but not too warm temperatures in the summer make Santa Fe the perfect destination for a sun filled vacation. The multicultural character of the city makes it a well-known center for art and galleries, full of creativity and imagination. Santa Fe is considered one of the top ten cities to retire in, according to U.S. News and is a quaint but lively city. 

Santa Fe’s large art market has been home to Touchstone Gallery for the past 35 years, our longest running and oldest gallery. Because of this, we often showcase some of our most precious and grandest pieces in this gallery.  Touchstone Gallery is just a short walk from the major downtown hotels and convention halls, convenient located in the center of the city. Full of minerals and fossils alike, Touchstone Gallery of Santa Fe is the perfect place to see the skulls of ancient sea monsters and the radiant colors and beauty of gemstone jewelry. Stop by the next time you are in the oldest capital in the United States, or learn more at 

Friday, January 3, 2014

January: Gleaming Garnet

Garnet in Jewelry- Garnet comes in a variety of colors, making it an interesting and beautiful stone to use in jewelry. The red and most common variety of garnet is called almandine. This type of garnet has been used in jewelry for a very long time, and was often paired with gold in ancient European jewelry. Spessartite garnet refers to garnet that is yellow, rose, orange, or deep brown colors, rich and dazzling. The most rare and prized color of garnet is the emerald and bright green variety, called demantoid. Touchstone Gallery has a wide variety of garnet jewelry, in many different colors, perfect for January babies and jewelry lovers alike. 

Garnet in Décor- Garnet is often found in mica schist rock, a metamorphic rock with shiny silver flecks. These crystals captured in rock make excellent décor accents. The dash of red would fight well into most décor settings, providing a splash of gorgeous color. These garnet’s in the rough are a simple, yet elegant way to incorporate natural and mineral décor into your home or office.  

Legend and Lore- Garnet is not only the birthstone for the month of January, but is also the stone that celebrates the second anniversary of marriage. The word garnet comes from the Latin word “garanatus” which means seed like, referring to the similarities between the stone and pomegranate seeds. During medieval times, garnets were thought to cure depression and during the time of Greeks, it was thought garnets would keep you from drowning. Garnets were a symbol of style and wealth in Europe during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Touchstone Gallery Offers a Wide Variety of Nature’s Art Etched in Stone
We invite you to view our current offerings of garnet and many other fascinating natural art pieces in our Touchstone Galleries in Santa Fe (127 W. San Francisco St.), Scottsdale (4168 N. Marshall Way), Sedona (320 N. State Route 89A) and Taos (110 S. Plaza), or online at