Sunday, June 2, 2013

Apophyllite – An Exotic Beauty from Mysterious India

Décor Factors & Suggestions - Apophyllites are popular as collector's minerals.  They are among the most attractive of Mother Nature’s jewel box of minerals!

Apophyllite offers beauty, pretty pastel colors, a bright luster, interesting well-formed crystals, and it is found with other attractive minerals.  It’s fantastic crystals exhibit a gemmy luster.  

They make simple an elegant addition for the powder room, guest room or a lady’s office.  A favorite color is a lovely shade of green evoking the wonder of majestic mountain peaks and verdant green valleys.  A perfect choice for that mountain get-away home.

10.5" x 7.8" x 4"

Crystal Close Up


 If you are looking for an extremely rare focal point for your office décor you may want to consider this torso-shaped specimen in our Santa Fe gallery.  It exhibits glassy white and clear apophyllite crystals with tiny accents from small pastel peach colored crystals of stilbite.

25" Tall x 12" Wide
This exotic beauty of apophyllite makes one feel a chill and another level of emotion. It exhibits a grace unlike any other specimen! Aphrodite-like in form, it is a supremely attractive object with her lovely robe of glittering white with accents of pastel peach.  This lovely object displays pearly to vitreous luster that sends a sparkle through a room. For an absolutely stunning effect, display this specimen inside of a well lit niche as a focal point in any room!

For more information on this piece click here Aphrodite Apophyllite .

Home Décor Featuring a Fascinating Story – Apophyllite forms in hardened gas bubbles inside of once molten lava.  The lava flows cool leaving behind cavities. Solutions bearing minerals enter the now hardened cavity and cause crystals to grow inside of what are often known as geodes. The colors that are present in apophyllite range from crystal clear, to white and a range of soft pastels, such as pink, peach and mint green. 

The best examples of apophyllite come from the Deccan Traps Region in Central India.  Massive volcanic eruptions in this area 65+ million years ago contributed to mass extinctions of nearly every existing life form from that long ago time period. Half a world away, a massive asteroid impact near Yucatan happened at approximately the same time.  The two mega events are hotly debated as the cause(s) of the mass extinctions. Amongst many others, dinosaurs ended their long run of existence at that time.

The eruptions also caused numerous cavities that over the millennia filled into crystal geodes of apophyllite. These exotic Indian minerals have the most attractive colors of all of the global deposits of apophyllite. 

Revealed by Man – Many of the world’s finest examples of apophyllite are mined near Poona, India.  Here many crystal coated basalt plates are carefully extracted from the surrounding hard rock with hand tools, cleaned of all debris and carefully packed and shipped for sale to customers in the USA.  Apophyllite is a fairly uncommon mineral, so finding nice specimen is an event worth celebrating.

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